Business Transactions

We have often remarked that any lawyer who dedicates a substantial portion of his practice to negotiating and documenting business transactions should spend a few years litigating failed transactions. Having litigated numerous disputes that arise in the context of failed transactions, we have seen time and again how and why transactions that are undertaken with the greatest of optimism can end in frustration and disappointment.

Too often, parties entering into a transaction are so eager to close the deal that they fail to recognize common pitfalls that can cause a transaction to fail. We know all too well from our litigation experience that an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

We encourage our clients to invest in an ounce of prevention by retaining an experienced attorney to draft or review the documents necessary to memorialize a business transaction or business relationship. We are experienced in:
  • The formation of business entities and can advise you on the type of entity that may be best suited to your business. 
  • Negotiating the terms of business transactions
  • Preparing all of the documents necessary to memorialize or consummate a particular transaction.

As we assist our clients in launching new businesses or entering into various transactions, we draw upon our substantial litigation experience to recognize how and why a venture that begins with such optimism can end in failure.

We can advise you of common risks and help you structure your transaction to best manage those risks to maximize the odds for a successful outcome for your business ventures.

Building and protecting your business through sound transactional advice and savvy business litigation.