Commercial Litigation

The Gus & Gilbert Law Firm represents clients in commercial litigation matters in both state and federal trial courts in Texas and throughout the United States. We are also experienced in representing clients in arbitration proceedings. While we specialize in the representation of businesses and business owners, we selectively represent individuals who need assistance with the prosecution of substantial personal injury or property damage claims.

When we represent a client in the litigation of a business dispute, we strive to deliver more than just an understanding of the procedural and substantive law that applies to a client’s case. Our experience has proven time and again that we gain a strategic and competitive advantage by mastering the details of our clients’ businesses and industries.

Fortunately, not only are we skilled and knowledgeable about the law, we have an innate curiosity that compels us to learn all we can about how you do business within the context of your industry. Thus, when you see us in action as your advocate, you will see that we can speak authoritatively about the law and your business. It is that type of well-rounded advocacy that will give you the strategic advantages that you need when your business interests are on the line.

We offer traditional hourly fee arrangements as well as incentive fee arrangements in which the firm is paid, entirely or in part, based on the result it delivers for a client. Please do not hesitate to ask what billing alternatives might be available for your particular case.

In addition to its trial court practice, the firm also represents clients in civil appellate litigation. Dan Gus is a skilled appellate attorney who has represented clients in numerous state and federal appellate courts. In addition to handling appeals arising out of his own trial work, Dan has collaborated with other attorneys who need the assistance of an experienced civil appellate attorney.